Restaurant trading terms

For the avoidance of doubt, fudz is a brand owned by Secure Card Payment Ltd. Displaying your menu on our website, app or any other technology binds you to our terms and conditions and privacy policy displayed at and you agree to the Trading Terms below.

You may remove your menu from our website at any time by advising us here and your commitment to Secured Card Payments Ltd will be released once your final invoice is paid. Should a dispute arise, you remain bound by all terms and policies until resolution.

We reserve the right to amend our trading terms at any time and you should periodically refer to them on this page and elsewhere on this site. We will endeavour to contact you electronically should we make any material changes from the information provided when you created an account at

Our service

The purpose of fudz is to provide a simple, convenient and cost-effective service to consumers who wish to buy takeaway food online or by mobile phone, linking them to restaurants in their area. Interactive menus allow customers to build and submit orders at the click of a button. By joining, members can view local takeaway restaurants, order through our website or App, pay online using a number of different credit or debit cards, view their order history and save and reorder their favourite meals. Customers will receive information by SMS and or email keeping them informed on the progress of their order and providing the contact number for the restaurant. If any problems occur the restaurants can advise the customer through our software by SMS and email.

What we do differently for customers.

We are a new company that will act in the best interests of our customers by only recruiting quality restaurants. They must be registered with the Food Standards Agency and if they generate regular negative feedback about food delivery, quality or service we will verify the information and remove the restaurant from our site. We do not intend to sign up every restaurant in the uk, just the ones that provide a great service.

The customer can pay using cash or we provide a comprehensive selection of card payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and also allow a customer to save more than one cards enabling corporate business cards. We will not charge customers if they choose to pay by card.

What we do differently for restaurant partners.

We provide you with a market leading service to process online and mobile orders. You'll get a free, comprehensive order management solution, so you can know who your online customer are, market special offers to them and manage orders using email and sms to advise of any issues, delay orders when busy, or send a real time special offer if quiet.

Your customers, not ours

We do not want to introduce loyal customers from one restaurant to another unless they specialise in different cuisines. Restaurants tell us how frustrated they get when they lose loyal customers because takeaway aggregators promote their competitors.

So using fudz, when you introduce a customer using your unique activation code, we will identify them as belonging to you and always list you first in your postcodes. That way you will be seen first by all of your customers. We will also ensure that any competitive cuisines are listed after all non competing cuisines.

This means restaurants offering alternative cuisines promote you in their postcode creating a community of loyal customers using Grub4 and their best local restaurants.

Restaurant listings will be ranked within cuisine by value of orders placed in a 4 week period

We encourage customers to tell us if they have a poor experience, should a restaurant receive complaints we will verify them, work with our restaurant partners to resolve them but should complaints continue without satisfactory resolution we will remove that restaurant.

How do I join?

Complete the 'Create Account' form here

We will verify your information and send you an email link to our order management software which enables you to load your menu, display images and advise us of your opening and closing times. You can vary these at any time and we will instantly update your online menu ensuring you only promote the menu items in stock and can open or close at different times when busy, quiet or for holidays.

Once setup, you'll be ready to receive your first order. When it arrives you will have the options to accept, delay, modify or reject the order, we will provide all the relevant customer information so you can contact the customer if you need to.

We will send your customer emails and SMS once you accept the order, providing your contact details and also advise if you choose to delay or modify the order. We want to help you provide outstanding customer communication and have 8 years experience providing EPOS solutions to restaurants so you'll find our system simple to use. If you need support you can contact us here

By agreeing to these terms you are are also agreeing to open an account with Stripe, our card payment processor.  Stripe terms and conditions. They will be in contact to verify your account and ask for some basic information to ensure the money collected on Grub4 from card orders is forwarded to your bank account.

You will need a PC and printer in the restaurant with internet connection to manage your orders. We do not provide hardware

Commission guaranteed not to increase above 7.5%

Cash order 5% (+vat)

Card orders 7.5% (+vat)

Daily invoices

fudz will pay restaurants the money they are due from card orders to their agreed bank account, daily by BACS, following 7 dayas trading.
All commission will be deducted from the amount due collected from card payments.

Restaurants obligations to fudz local marketing

fudz bring market leading commission to the online ordering marketplace for takeaways and restaurants. It's important that our partner restaurants comply with our terms and conditions to enable us to trade with lower overheads and pass the benefits on through our guaranteed commission. Should our partner restaurants breach these conditions we will suspend them from the site. Should they consistently breach our terms and conditions we will remove them permanently.

Must be registered with the food standards agency and prominently display their window sticker

Restaurants obligations to fudz customer service

Ignoring and rejecting orders.

Every attempt must be made to accept orders. You agree to take your restaurant offline if too busy or closed during normal trading times displayed on your menu. Where rejected orders exceed 5% in any day, included ignored orders, you agree to pay 5% of the rejected or ignored order value over 5%.

If more than 2 orders are consecutively ignored, we will take your restaurant offline for the rest of the day to prevent customers receiving a bad experience. We will text you if an order is ignored and we will also text the customer advising their order was rejected. This damages both our reputations and we reserve the right to terminate this agreement if you reject or ignore orders

Deal with all customer enquires, specifically authorise any card refunds by contacting Grub4 here

Following any dispute or breach of the agreement above, Grub4 can suspend or terminate any partner restaurants account at any time without prior notice, retaining all monies due until the disagreement is resolved to Grub4's entire satisfaction. In the event of any dispute, systems failure or if for any reason the website or App is not available Grub4 will not be liable to pay compensation for loss of business or for any other reason.

All comments, queries and requests relating to our service are welcomed and should be emailed direct to or addressed to  c/o Secure Card Payment Ltd, 7-8 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8PS.  registered in England and Wales at 7-8 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8PS. Company Number: 09278474.