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Free fudz App and free EPOS software
Table Booking, "Pay my Bill", ordering from your table; and ordering without wi-fi or the Internet 
Our first Mauritius Client

Our first Mauritius Client Restaurant

Why Use "fudz"

The App includes "Pay my Bill", order food and pay from your table.
Free Waiter Handheld Software; no software charge for additional Tablets.

Free EPOS software; please ask us for a link to download.
Works even when there is no Wi-Fi or Internet connection

The App becomes your's by entering an Activation Code. 
Customers order food directly from you, your data is safe.
No set-up, start-up, weekly, monthly or annual fees.

We charge just 7.5% Credit Cards and 5% Cash Transactions.
No start-up, set-up, weekly, monthly or annual fees. 
We require a refundable deposit of £150 for the O2 Tablet and Mini Printer

We supply a free O2 GALAXY 10.1" Tablet and free blue tooth Mini Printer. We pay the monthly O2 mobile phone charge of £38.

Free Table Handheld Software

Accept or Reject Orders from your Mobile Phone or Android Tablet

Print the order for the kitchen. In addition, text Order Notification, audible sound, is sent to you and Order Accepted or Rejected texted to your customer, automatically. Accepted Orders are processed using stored Debit or Credit cards, no limit on cards and no charge for Credit Cards.

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Room Service

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