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no monthly or annual fees

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Free WiFi for
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Why Use "fudz"?

The App makes it easier for your customers to order food from you.
Favourite meals can be ordered and paid for with one click
You can pubish Special Offers, example: Monday Special
The App works even when there is no Wi-Fi or Internet connection
Your customers buy directly from you; your data is secure.
Transaction cost just 5%, no weekly, monthly or annual fees.
We supply free EPOS software, please click here.
Your App by entering an Activation Code, example Bellini:17052

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Accept or Reject Orders from your Mobile Phone

Print the order for the kitchen. In addition, text Order Notification, audible sound, is sent to you and Order Accepted or Rejected texted to your customer, automatically. Accepted Orders are processed using stored Debit or Credit cards, no limit on cards and no charge for Credit Cards.

Wi-Fi Free or Paid

Free, following a one-off payment of £99; includes Wi-Fi Router; no other charges, no monthly or annual fees. You will be able to set up redirects to push people to download your free App; promote special offers and deals.
no monthly or annual fees

Managed Wi-Fi and Marketing £199; includes Wi-Fi Router and 24/7 Online Admin, promote your takeaway to your Customers; we help you. Following year £10 per month;  you can collect details of everyone who signs up to the wifi and then promote services back to them; please see the online Brochure, please click here

Help with Registration or Wi-Fi
Installing the router, please click here

Free WiFi following one-off payment of £99