Order Food and Pay your Bill

"fudz" food ordering and bill payment from your table.
A function some companies have as a single app; we include it.
This function could reduce the number of waiters or enable staff to be more pro-active

The Process:

A customer is seated at a table in the restaurant, he/she sees the pluck card and opens the fudz App and scans the QR code.
If the customer does not have the fudz App, he/she can download and install the App using the restaurant's Wi-Fi.

The fudz App will welcome the customer to the restaurant, in this case the Anwar's Indian Restaurant, and ask the customer to place their order. The
customer selects their food from the displayed menu and clicks submit. The order is sent to the EPOS till and a bell rings, triggering the waiter to know that an order has been placed by the dine-in customer, at the relevant table number. A new order is opened on the till for that Table Number and is active on the till screen. The EPOS software includes Restaurant Table Management and Table Selection, including split tables, example three different couples seated at a table for six.The waiter can allocate seats as a "table".

The food is prepared and delivered to the customer's table.

The customer can continue ordering food and drink from the App, each time the till bell will ring, notifying the waiter.
The customer can pay the bill, including options: split bill, tip, comments etc.
The bill will be updated in the till EPOS as PAID and the Table will become available, again.
The customer can show that the bill has been paid on the fudz App, if requested.

Order food and pay your bill from your table