Favourite Meals
Every time you place an order, fudz will ask if you wish to save the order yes or no? If you decide to save the order, you will be asked to give that order a unique and easily remembered name i.e. jane1, hugh2, team6. Once you have saved the order, it will be listed in your favourites and will be available to view in the fudz app.

Re-order a Favourite Meal
You can save as many favourite meals as you like and from any restaurant, Your favourite meals could include Indian, Chinese, Italian and Pizza. When you want to re-order a favourite meal, just select the meal, check it and click order. fudz will recognise the unique saved name and your unique mobile phone number. The system will process the favourite meal and send the order to the relevant restaurant. Your order is cooked and the payment taken, if you use a Credit Card; we do not charge for Credit Cards, or you can pay cash on collection or delivery.

Speed Food Ordering

Save as a Favourite Meal
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fudz Speed Ordering

If you do not have wi-fi or an Internet connection, we use your mobile phone's SMS Protocol to send the order to the restaurant as a text message.

We have patented this method of ordering, first application 24 November 2015:

International Patent Application No. PCT/GB2018/050923 06 April 2018

International Patent Application No. WO 2017/089790 A1 01 June 2017

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