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How Hard is it to order food with the fudz App?

How to order a meal from a favourite restaurant or takeaway:

First of all, make yourself comfortable on the settee. Get out your mobile phone, click on the fudz App, go to Favourites and find a meal, click to check the food and order it. That’s it, your order has been sent to your favourite Restaurant or Takeaway, paid for and delivered. We also save a meal for collection for more energetic customers. No limit to the number of favourites or restaurants.

There is no charge for paying by Credit Card.
You can store as many restaurants and Favourite Meals as you want; even on holiday or abroad.

The Incredible fudz Restaurant Morphing App 

The standard App becomes a restaurant specific App just by entering an activation code.
If you download the App and enter activation code "17052", the App morphs to Bellini Italian Restaurant.

Enter a new activation code "17056" and the App changes to Gourmet Oriental..
Even though the restaurant has been changed, the App retains your list of orders and Favourite Meals.
You can change restaurants whenever, and how often, you want; ideal for holidays or travelling.
The fudz, International Patent Pending, App works without Wi-Fi or an Internet connection.

Just one click to order.

Anwar's Indian Restaurant
Your own fudz App displays your logo and only includes your menu items. All of the App pages display your restaurant name.
Your Profile
Your Profile includes Birthday and Anniversary; The navigation bar includes My Favourites, Notifications, Offers and Previous Orders
Push Notifications
Push Notifications can be sent at any time to your customers, Push Notifications can be linked to Special Offers and Food Deals, just for that day.
Offers can be sent to all of your customers, at any time, and can include Special Events; Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Bank Holidays etc.
Pre-Order Food
Pre-order food, the number of days can be set by the restaurant owner from 1 to 30. Time slots are every 30 minutes. The default is today’s date, a time is required.
Collection or Delivery and Coupon Code
Collection or Delivery, if available, Can be selected and Payment Method. If a Coupon Code is Available, example, entering OFF5 Will apply 5% discount.
include additional information
Your customers can include additional information. This information is saved in Favourite Meals.
include additional information
Your customers can include delivery instructions. This information is saved in Favourite Meals.
include additional information
Order Confirmation includes Collection or Delivery and Payment Type and Delivery Date and Time. Delivery includes delivery Address.
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The App will list all your Debit and Credit Cards and Corporate Cards. We do not charge for Credit Card Payments. Add new cards anytime.
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Once an order has been processed, your customers can save the order as a Favourite Meal. They can have as many favourites as they want and one-click re-ordering.
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The Favourite Meal is listed in My Favourites which included a fast search. Orders can be processed without wifi, or the Internet, using SMS Protocol.