Free App, EPOS, free O2 Tablet and Mini Printer

The fudz App includes Table Booking, "Pay my Bill" and Waiter Handheld
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The Tablet receives orders from the App and Website
Print orders to the supplied free blue tooth Mini Printer

It can also be used as a Waiter Handheld

The top buttons include FUDZ WEB ORDERS, clicking this button displays all the App and Web Orders and you can Accept or Reject an order. The software includes a powerful and easy to use Dashboard and Back-office. Accepted Orders are sent to the Kitchen, Rejected Orders are messaged to the Customer with the reason for rejection; you can manage all responses. You can even receive orders if your Wi-Fi or Internet is not working, straight to the Tablet; the O2 Tablet includes a SIM card and we pay the monthly fee of £38.

Our Salesmen provide one-to-one training for you and your staff; it's very easy to use.

Cost of Service

There are no set-up, Monthly or Annual Fees.
We only ask for a refundable deposit of £150 for the O2 Tablet and blue tooth Mini Printer.
Once you are processing at least 70 orders per week, we will refund the deposit.
It's Pay-as-you-Go 7.5% per transaction, Credit Card and 5% Cash Payments, App and Web Site Orders.
Payment is processed by Stripe and Stripe BACS the sales income less our commission to your bank account, next day.

We pay the BACS fees and Fraud Protection Fees.

Below is a screen shot of the Tablet being used as a Waiter Handheld

The above Tablet screen shot shows how easy it is to take an order from customers at their table. Categories and Menu items are easy to read and can be added or deleted. All orders are stored and can be easily accessed.
This Waiter Handheld ordering system is a dream.
We supply free Point of Sale Material including 1,000 A5 Brochures with your restaurant's Activation Code.
Customers are invited to install the fudz app.
The App becomes your restaurant's App. 

Scan the QR Code to install the fudz app
Scan the QR Code to install our App and order directly from your favourite restaurant