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Your free restaurant and Takeaway App and free linked website
no set-up, start-up, monthly or annual fees; free marketing tools
Software for restaurants, London and UK
British and International Patents Pending

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Why use “fudz”?

The App works even when there is no Wi-Fi or Internet connection
The App used with Just-Eat is a dependable additional resource and saves you 5% commission and more.
I pay the BACS charges (Stripe pay-out fee) and Stripe Fraud Protection charges.
You will still receive orders even when your Internet connection and Wi-Fi have failed.
The App becomes your personal App by entering a restaurant Activation Code.
Customers order food directly from you, your data and customer information is safe.
New - Order Food and "Pay my Bill" from your restaurant table
Marketing Tools include My Favourite Meals, Special Daily Discounts, Special Meal Deals, Offers, Push Notifications, Pre-Order Date and Time, Coupon Codes, Customer Lists with emails for News Letters, and more.
No set-up, start-up, weekly, monthly or annual fees.

The "fudz", pronounced "foods" brand is a unique concept.You order directly from the restaurants of your choice. Once you activate a takeaway’s App, you can store all your details including favourite meals, food likes and dislikes or allergies. Takeaways send special and discounted offers and include you in the Loyalty Club. 

Tell us how you want the fudz App to work for you

We are software developers and have supplied hospitality software for more than 12 years, please click here for more information. We are the fudz App developers and will gladly make changes to the App to enhance Customer or Restaurant experience. You decide, today, and we update the App tomorrow, it’s that quick.

Reliable Ordering using SMS Protocols. 

Favourite meals and special offers are stored in the App, on your mobile phone, and can be ordered and paid for with one click. You can preview the meal prior to ordering. The order is sent even if you and the restaurant have no Wi-Fi or Internet connection. You could be travelling and on the way home. 

We don't charge for Credit Card Transactions, saving you 50p
Safely store as many Debit and Credit Cards as you want including Corporate and Business Cards.

Activate as many takeaways as you like and receive special offers from all of them, get more savings plus fudz Loyalty Club Points, more savings. Entering a new activation code will change the takeaway or restaurant but all of your favourites, special offers, discounted meals and Loyalty Points are saved and displayed.  

Restaurant Activation Code

Restaurant Owners free App and Web Site; Promote Special Offers to Your Customers, access 24/7. 

We supply your restaurant with a unique Activation Code. Once a customer installs the "fudz" App on their mobile phone and enters your Activation  Code, the App becomes your restaurant's App, your logo and restaurant name on all pages; the only reference to us, email help@securecardpayment.net

Example: Anwar's, Activation Code: 17045.

Please install the App and enter both Activation Codes, the App will change restaurants

Commission 7.5% Credit Cards and 5% Cash Transactions and money in your bank next day
Stripe processes transactions and sends payment to your bank less commission
No Set-up or Sign-up Fees, please click here and receive your App activation code
Free professional WiFi, one-off payment of £99 includes router and set-up, more information please click here

Get our App and order directly from your favourite takeaway

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